Women’s Health

Women’s Health Services at Pacific Family Practice

Pacific Family Practice offers a full range of services dedicated exclusively to women. Our goal is to help mothers, daughters and grandmothers take charge of their reproductive health by creating strong partnerships with caring physicians who fully understand healthcare that is focused women.

The women’s health services we provide include annual “well woman” exams, family planning, testing for sexually transmitted diseases, and help managing reproductive health concerns at every life stage.

Our clinic offers all of the following specialized services for women:

  • Annual women’s health exams (“well woman”)
    • Breast exam
    • Pelvic exam
    • Pap smear
  • Contraception/family planning
    • Birth control options
    • The pill, Depo-Provera, IUD, Nexplanon
    • IUD and Nexplanon insertion and removal
  • STD testing
  • Menopause management

We offer an exceptional women’s health clinic experience in the heart of San Francisco.

Pacific Family Practice believes that providing outstanding medical care for the entire family means treating women’s unique health needs, too. We’ve built our women’s health clinic so that all of our exams, testing, and contraceptive insertion or removal procedures can be performed in a single visit. It’s just another way that we work to provide the best patient experience in San Francisco.

The physicians at Pacific Family Practice also believe in the importance of feeling completely comfortable during your well woman visit. All of our doctors treat patients as individuals and take the time to listen and really understand your unique reproductive needs. We’re committed to helping all women achieve optimal health throughout the course of their lives, and we work to create a safe environment that allows free expression of your fears, questions, or concerns.

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