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Your Health in the News: September Roundup

Posted on September 23rd, 2015 by Pacific Family Practice in Pacific Family Practice

Your Health in the News: September Roundup

Happy first day of fall!

As we transition from summer to autumn our approach to how we take care of ourselves and what health concerns we need to consider will shift. Instead of keeping an eye on sunscreen reapplication and remembering to bring bug spray to the park, you’ll soon start planning for shorter days and cooler temperatures.

September means back to school for many of our younger patients, and parents will be on the lookout for those common colds that so often spread from classroom to classroom. As fall approaches, let’s dive into some of the more popular blog posts and articles on healthcare from the past month from San Francisco and across the country.

Best September links – a list of must reads

Support victims of the California wildfires.

  • Acts of kindness to those affected by the wildfire on social media.

Reading with children is important, but it can take a few skills on your behalf for your child to get the most out of a bedtime story, and Say Yes has 10 great tips for reading with your toddler.

So, why is my poop green? By San Francisco Gastroenterology finally helps comprehensively answer that question so you don’t have to hop around a Google search.

Time matters – patients were surveyed on how timely their doctor is by Family Practice News.

Ready to run? A list of upcoming races for different fitness levels in San Francisco by Fitness & the City.

Find an afterschool program for your child right here in San Francisco with

Can you cut back on soda? Even diet soda? A post from our blog has the PFP team questioning our own habits.

Vaping is not a healthy alternative to cigarettes – to think so is a myth.

Attention Dads! From one San Francisco Dad to another, here’s who you should be following on Instagram according to At Home Dad Matters.

Does this have gluten? 13 items with gluten that may surprise you.

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