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5 Questions to Ask During An Annual Women’s Health Exam

Posted on August 4th, 2015 by Pacific Family Practice in Women's Health

5 Questions to Ask During An Annual Women’s Health Exam

With services dedicated to the specific needs of female patients, Pacific Family Practice encourages women to take control of their reproductive health by scheduling an annual women’s health exam.

Annual women’s health exams are an excellent opportunity to check in with your provider to discuss any concerns, lifestyle changes or questions you may have. Annual women’s health exams are important and shouldn’t be skipped just because you don’t think you have anything new to share with your provider. These exams only occur once each year and allow providers to examine a patient’s breast and pelvic health in order to assess whether further screening or treatment is needed.

If you are preparing for your next annual women’s health exam at Pacific Family Practice, here are some helpful questions you can consider asking your provider to make the most of your visit. Your provider will be eager to speak with you and answer any questions that arise during your appointment.

Menstruation check: Is this normal?
Women are used to dealing with the effects of having a period, but when are PMS symptoms no longer “normal”? What if your PMS is severe or your menstrual bleeding is abnormally heavy? These are legitimate concerns that should be brought to your provider’s attention as there are treatment options available in certain cases that can relieve painful or severe PMS. Other questions to ask your provider about menstruation include: Is my period irregular? And, how can I regulate my period?

Do I need to be tested for an STD?
Discussing sexual activity can be deeply personal, but Pacific Family Practice’s providers offer a warm, non-judgmental environment where concerns about sexual health are welcome. Our providers can assess whether or not there is a need for STD testing, as well as offer advice on how to engage in safe, protected intercourse.

Should I use contraception?
Whether or not to use contraception is up to each individual. Pacific Family Practice offers birth control options that include the pill, Depo-Provera, Nexplanon and an intrauterine device (IUD).

Why do I need a Pap test?
Pap tests are a traditional part of an annual women’s health exam. A Pap test, also referred to as a Pap smear or smear test, is used to test for cervical cancer and can be a life-saving screening method.

When should I schedule my next appointment?
If your provider determines there is a need for further testing or treatment, then he or she will advise on when your next visit with Pacific Family Practice will be. If there is no need, then you can expect your next women’s health exam to be in a year.

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