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It’s Flu Season! 3 Ways You Can Stay Healthy

Posted on October 3rd, 2015 by Pacific Family Practice in Prevention

Did you know that the flu season actually begins around October and can last until May?

Did you know that the flu season actually begins around October and can last until May?

Not many people realize that flu season can last for over half a year and peak around December through the end of February. Chances are, the average person may not be concerned about catching the flu, thinking that if they are relatively healthy and those around them seem to be the same, there is nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, this is not true.

The flu is an annual epidemic in the United States, and certain areas of the country (one of which is the Bay Area) are getting hit with a particularly high number of cases this year. In spite of the medical technology available today, the flu can still be deadly, even to otherwise healthy individuals.

Fortunately, there are steps you and your family can take to protect yourselves from the flu, and we’ve outlined the top three ways you can stay healthy this flu season.

1. Get a flu shot at Pacific Family Practice.
You can still receive the flu vaccine at Pacific Family Practice. The flu shot is safe and recommended for virtually everyone, including babies six months and older, children, pregnant women and the elderly. Schedule your flu shot today— contact Pacific Family Practice.

2. Prevent germs from spreading.
Frequent and thorough hand washing is always encouraged, but it can be particularly helpful during the flu season, especially for those who work in close proximity with other people. It’s also a good idea to keep surfaces around you, such as your desk or cell phone, clean throughout the day. Remember, the flu is not the same as the common cold—it is more severe and can take a longer time to recover from, so it is best to practice additional habits that encourage good hygiene.

3. If you begin to feel unwell, take care right away.
It can be tempting to stick it out at work or finish your day’s errands before resting, but if you feel unwell during the flu season, it’s in your best interest (and that of those you interact with) to call it a day and head home. It may not be the flu, but regardless of what is causing your symptoms, it’s important that you rest and consult with your provider regarding what steps should be taken next.

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