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Five Ways Pacific Family Practice Can Make Summer Stress-free for Parents

Posted on June 19th, 2017 by Pacific Family Practice in Primary Care

Five Ways Pacific Family Practice Can Make Summer Stress-free for Parents

Summer may be your child’s favorite season, but for parents, the summer season might not be so care-free. Summer is a popular time to prepare for school through immunization and exam requirements and to complete the medical requirements for fall sports.

Vacation for kids means that there’s more time for them to get the check-ups they need without missing valuable classroom time – which means more scheduling conflicts and time off from work for parents. All this shuttling around can be overwhelming for parents, and Pacific Family Practice wants to make the process easier where we can.

  1. Booking an appointment for a physical is easy, and you can do it online, from your phone.
    Now is the time to schedule physicals needed for fall activities, as appointments can book up fast at the end of summer. To help you make an appointment quickly and easily, we’ve designed a contact form that fits whatever device you’re using and only requires a few quick details before submission. You can choose a specific provider if you’d like and select a date which best fits your busy schedule. We will do our best to accommodate your needs as physicals are an essential part of school and sport participation.

  2. We’ve prepared a thorough guide to sun protection for children and adults.
    Skin protection is important all year round, but the summer months are when we are typically most at risk. Not being in school allots for a lot of time spent outside, which is great, but there are special precautions parents should take to help ensure their child avoids painful, skin-damaging sunburns. Read Pacific Family Practice’s guide to melanoma prevention.

  3. We offer on-site urgent care services outside of normal office hours.
    Sometimes, parents can skip a trip to the ER and visit Pacific Family Practice to avoid long wait times and higher, often unexpected fees. We provide X-rays, EKGs and laboratory testing at our facility. We also treat cold and flu symptoms, pink eye, broken bones, lacerations, muscle sprains, asthma, all types of infections and rashes. We also offer vaccinations and travel medications.

  4. Infant and newborn care is included in our list of services.
    Parents who visit Pacific Family Practice can also bring their infants and newborn babies for checkups, vaccines and immunizations, preventative health, and consultations to address new parent questions. There is no need to have two separate physician visits at two different facilities for older children/toddlers and infants/newborns. Parents who need appointments for multiple children are advised to please book the number of appointments they need well in advance so we can best accommodate your needs.

  5. Our convenient Bay Area location is close to many family-friendly activities for before and after visits.
    We’ve prepared a fun guide for anyone visiting our practice so they can find things to do in the area before or after their appointment. Our list includes great options for parents to take advantage of both indoors and outdoors, so the family can enjoy some time together regardless of how the weather holds up.
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